Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The last 2 day have been a roller coaster ride..
We were told by 2 surgeons that they couldn't go in and try and repair any of the clots it was to risky.
Intervention radiology can go in through his vein and try and put a Stint in his tiny vein to open up his veins.That is VERY VERY risky and we were told he could die on the table.
Our hematologist Dr.Matthews came and saw Anthony yesterday and called a Dr. in Colorado and they finally talked and everything the doctors are doing in the past is what she would of done.
Anthony is on a new blood thinner called fondaparinux which he will get a shot.The doctor's in Colorado suggested we get his levels in the higher range of the medicine in his body to try and give Anthony's new collateral's veins time to grow and not clot off.So for now we are hoping and praying that this fondaparinux works because this is our last hope before we would have to make the decision to have this Heroic surgery by Intervention radiology.

Anthony was extubated yesterday and is awake.Right now he wants someone he knows by his bedside so 2 of us are having to stay so that we can one can get sleep and the other can watch Anthony and hold him and comfort him.

Pray request:
For the fonaparinux to do his job and open up more collateral's and keep them from clotting off.
Anthony's mental state as he is being weaned off some of the medicines.That he will have no withdrawal symptoms.
Anthony to rest and sleep.
Praying for our 2 boys at home as his parents and sister are trying to get Anthony through this

People have asked how they can help and the best I could say would be
Prayer for our whole family for peace
Gift cards for gas and food
Meals to hospital or to our home..
If anyone in Seattle area wants to take a very active 6 year old and love on him..I am sure Charlie would love it..He is in camp starting next week from Tues-Fri but would love it any other times.
If you can help you may call me on my cell 206-854-4181 or
mail to
Seattle Childrens
Anthony James
4800 Sandpoint way NE
Seattle Wa 98105

We know that there are alot of people praying for Anthony and as his family we just want to say Thank you for flooding the gates of heaven the last 48 hours on Anthony's behalf.We know that God heard us .


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