Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anthony is doing ok.He still gets cranky and is detoxing off these pain medicines.
We got some good news ...His Fondaparinux is at the level that they want it out and it only took 2 shots to get it there.We are hoping this is what will keep all the collateral clots from clotting off and give them time to become mature to help with the blood flow out of his head so he won't get these massive headaches.
He isn't liking sleeping at all unless one of us are right there with him.
He has started to bang and hit his head again.So this is very hard to watch so one of us have to within a few feet from him at all times.
He is having a MRI and MRA today at 3:30 PST see if there is any pressure in his head and any damage to why he may be banging his head.
Please continue to pray that this new wonder medicine Fondaparinux will start working sooner than later.
Pray for sleep for Anthony at night in his own bed without someone so close to him.
Pray for our family at this time...Thank You again for praying for our sweet boy.

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