Friday, July 2, 2010

Anthony is doing good.He has been awake,playing and alot of cuddle times with his daddy and sister this morning.

The levels of the fondaparinox is still where the doctors want it.

Now we start trying to take Anthony off his pain medicines and see if we can get down to the SCCA floor.So today's plan is to take him off his Ativan drip today and take him off his dilaudid drip tomorrow and see how he does.He is on a medicine called precedex that they are hoping will help with the withdrawals and he can't go down to SCCA floor on it as it is a sedative.

Please pray that Anthony's level of fondaparinox will stay at the level it needs to be and please pray for withdrawal symptoms for Anthony as he is getting taken off these medicines the next couple of days.

Pray that he won't bang his head anymore.

We want to thank each and everyone that has prayed for Anthony and our family this week.We have felt everyone.Thanks to everyone that has come up to see Anthony I know he has enjoyed seeing more than us this week. We don't know what the future holds but on Tuesday we were given some hope that we are holding onto and aren't letting go of.


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