Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Anthony has been a little more poopy and urpy when he gets his feeds so he will Not be going off any oral Dilaudid until he can tolerate his feeds.
So the plan is to put his feeds at 24 cal and try and get his feeds up to 55 mls an hour and see if he can tolerate them.
He also goes off his antibiotic and the plan was until this morning to have his line removed on monday but now the doctors want to see if Infectious control wants him to stay on the antibiotic until he is handling his feeds or stay off and hope he handles his feeds and gets no line infection.
Please pray he will be able to handle the 24 calorie formula soon and get that up so that he can try the oral dilaudid.
Please pray if the doctors choose no antibiotics after Saturday that he gets NO line or blood infection.
Pray for patience on my part as I just want to bring Anthony home....Its been 4 months and just want to be home with all my kids and husband at 1 time.

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