Monday, July 19, 2010

Anthony has gotten to go outside in the last couple of days and is enjoying the sunshine and playing and crawling in the grass.
He has been a bit urpy with the Feeds and the higher calories.
But overall we are just waiting for the antibiotics to end and get his Line out next Monday or Tuesday and then home.
Please pray that the fondiparinox is at therapeutic levels.
Pray for his stomach to be ok with the higher calories and no vomiting.
Pray as he will be put on Oral Dilaudid this week that he will tolerate this.
Pray that it stays sunny so he can go outside for a little bit each day..He seems happier getting out of his room and a new scenery each day...
Pray that we can get the household ready for him this week and weekend to come home.
Pray for Lindsay as she is up with him until Wednesday afternoon and sleep for both.


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