Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anthony has had alot of stooling and a few episodes of throwing up so we are basically just watching him and the doctors are just going to assume this is another GVHD Flair.He may be put back on his IV Predisone.
They talked about doing a Endoscopy but they would have to stop the aspirin and the fondiparinox for about 2 weeks because of the bleeding.This wouldn't be good and very risky for this is keeping the clots open and the blood flow open.
So now we hope this isn't a flair and just some kind of bug .
Please pray for the stooling to slow down and that this isn't a GVHD Flair
Pray for his fondiparinox levels to stay where they need to be.
Pray that he will start feeling better soon.

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