Friday, July 23, 2010

Today is Antony's 1 Year Post Transplant Day!!!

Anthony is still stooling and throwing up still and now has blood in both.His feeds are basically going down to 5cc to see if they can settle what the doctor's think is a GVHD flair.They are adding another GVHD medicine called beclomethosone and starting him on IV Methylpred.
He has been very playful and still loving going outside through all this.
His tummy just needs to settle down.
Please pray that if this is GVHD that all these medicines will get it under control soon.
Pray for Anthony as he doesn't like Methylpred and he doesn't sleep and is Road rage baby on it.
Pray that he will slow his stooling and that the throwing up will stop very soon.
Pray for our family as we miss being together at home and just want all to be home soon.

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