Monday, July 26, 2010

Anthony is now on NO food and is still stooling, He is getting a ultersound of his Stomach to see if there is anything they can see is going on.
Anthony isn't liking being on the Methylpred and is up all day and not wanting to sleep hardly at all during the night.
His Liver function tests are up again.
He is still getting to go on walks which he is really enjoying.
He is still puffing up and down because of his Clots and the SVC syndrome he is on.
Please pray that they might be able to see if anything is going on in his stomach that could be causing the stooling.
Pray for sleep for Anthony and that whoever is up with him can get some sleep.
Pray that the Fondiparinox is still working and is at therapeutic levels.
Pray that if this is GVHD that the new medicines they are giving him will start working soon.

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