Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Anthony hasn't slept a whole lot since he is on the methylpred and is real puffy from it.
Since his stooling has slowed down they are going to take him off the methylpred and put him back on his oral dose of steroids.So we are hoping to have our happy and sleepy baby back soon.
He was put on Budesenide and Beclomethosone to help with the GVHD.
His levels for his fondiparinox is stable and we will get another level tomorrow.
Please pray that Anthony will sleep tonight for Lindsay and that they both will get the rest they need.
Pray that he will get LESS puffy,we are hoping this is from the steroids and nothing else.
Pray that his GVHD will settle down and we can get him back on his feeds and get to goal so that we can maybe bring him home before we adopt his Older Brother our foster son very soon.
Pray that Anthony will just start feeling better.

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  1. Hopefully they will be able to regulate everything soon.