Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anthony has had a good night last night.He seems to like to sleep alot during the day and the doctors are wondering if it because of him being on ativan and getting it every 4 hours but because he was on a ativan drip up in ICU the pain team doesn't want to stretch that out and cause withdrawal symptoms.
His fondiparinox level is a little high so they will give him a little less of a dose tomorrow and see if that helps.
Other than that he is off his TPN by IV and still on the IV Dilaudid and on the wean for this to be off IV sometime soon.
Please pray that the fondiparinox will get to a safe level for Anthony.
Pray that Anthony sleeps at night.
Keep Praying that he can find other ways to express himself without banging his head and scratching the people that love and hold him.
Pray he can keep tolerating his feeds and that his electrolytes stay stable.

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