Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anthony didn't sleep during last night at all.So I came up to relieve her and hoping she will get some sleep.
He has had a pretty good day.He is on a awful sleeping pattern so I am hoping he will sleep tonight.
So he has 10 days of Antibiotic and hoping he will be off his IV Dilaudid so we can go home on July 25th.
He will come off his Constant IV Drip of Dilaudid tomorrow and get it every 4 hours.
Please pray for him that he doesn't have any withdrawal symptoms .
Pray for his spirit as he is a very bored 2 year old and he has been in here 4 months.
Pray that these 11 days go by fast for all of our family as we want to bring him home and be a family again in 1 house.

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