Saturday, July 17, 2010

Anthony is doing good.He is going to go to oral Dilaudid on Monday and we hope he will be able to handle this as if he can't he will go back on a IV wean and we wouldn't be able to go home until after August 8th then.
The plan for the week is to go to oral dilaudid,Finish his Antibiotic on next Saturday and have his line removed on Monday July 26th and then we are going home after surgery on Monday.
This is all up to Anthony and if he can handle the oral dilaudid but so we ask that you please pray that he can handle it.
Please pray:
Handle the oral dilaudid
Pray for sleep for him
Pray for no new Blood stream infections.
Pray that the fondiparinox will remain in therapeutic levels
Please pray for Anthony's friend Louisa who was admitted with some GVHD Flare.We know how hard it is to be in the hospital in the summer or anytime but especially for someone that is 12 years old.
Pray also for our family as we try and get ready in hopes that Anthony is coming home.

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