Sunday, July 11, 2010

Anthony is doing good.He is 25 lbs and is playing and doing good.He will start weaning off his Dilaudid tomorrow and will be off of it by Sept 5th.
He is up to 40 mls on his feeds an hour and doing good.
He is still on the antibiotic and we aren't sure if we can go home on this antibiotic.We will see what the doctors say this week..We could go home by the end of the week or in 3 weeks when he ends these antibiotics.
The Big boys got to finally go up and see Anthony on friday and today Lindsay watched all 3 boys as John and I went to starbucks to celebrate our 23rd anniversary...We hope next year we won't be in the hospital to celebrate our 24th...

Please pray:

Fondiparinox to Stay at the safe level for Anthony
Pray for Anthony to tolerate his feeds.
Pray for his GVHD to stay under control in his Gut.
Pray for some of the clots to disappear.
Pray that he doesn't get so worked up that he starts to puff up.
Pray that he comes home when he is suppose to and not too soon.

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