Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Anthony is moving to the SCCA floor as soon as a room is available.
I can't even say the emotions I am having...We are praising God for our little man and the miracle and the 2nd chance we have been given to love and be his family.
One week ago we were given news that our son couldn't live with these clots but a doctor in Denver said to try Fondaparinox and Aspirin...

In this past week we have seen the Dr's in ICU and BMT teams cry with us because there they didn't think our Anthony would make it.Today the ICU doctors called Anthony a magician because he can come out of anything is what they told Lindsay...I was thinking when she texted me this that No we know who the real magician is...GOD
We know we aren't out of the woods but we are going to enjoy our baby and love on him.

Please pray that the fondiparinux and aspirin will continue to keep the clots clear from his collateral veins.
That he will be able to tolerate his feeds.
Continue to pray for our family as we want to bring him home and be a family once again in one household.

When we get to the SCCA floor it will be easier for anyone to come see him.We will keep you updated.

Thanks so much for praying for our sweet baby and our family...We have felt every prayer and thanks for adding him to all the prayer chains he has been added to.


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