Monday, July 5, 2010

Anthony- July 4, 2010
Anthony has been playing,blowing his nurses kisses, learning to be Hulk.

He is really doing good.
His precedex is down to 0.04 mcg and so we are hoping and praying that he will be on the SCCA Floor tomorrow.

His Fondaparnox levels are good and are staying where the doctors wanted.

John said he thought that Dr.Carpenter was amazed at how Anthony looked and is feeling.

Lindsay is up with him so that John and I can rest and actually be together for a few days with the big boys.We haven't seen each other for more than a few hours outside the hospital in the almost 4 months we have been inpatient.

The doctors are talking about putting Anthony on Oral antibiotics and pulling his line as if it gets infected can cause Anthony's clots to flair up and the risk of infection.

Please pray that Anthony will continue to improve and that the fondaparanox will do its job and keep all the collateral veins opened up.

Pray for sleep for Anthony and Lindsay.

Pray that Anthony will want to start eating food and be able to tolerate his feeds.


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