Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sorry this is late...Today I finally got to go up and see Anthony...We weren't able to bring the big boys up to ICU and I have been home all week so I finally got to hold my sweet baby today.
He is adjusting to SCCA floor ..It is very very hot here in Seattle and for some reason the AC hasn't worked in his room so its very hot in there tonight...John called the Charge nurse and they are working on it.Lindsay has said it is finally cooling off in the room.
Anthony is doing good...Everyone is so happy to see him and thankful that he is down with them.
Not much happening...The levels of fondiparinox is stable..
Some Liver function tests were up so the doctors are keeping an eye on that.
Please pray the room can stay cool or they can fix it..Lindsay would hate to take down all the decorations she put up.
Pray for his liver function test to get down to normal range.
Please keep praying for the fondiparinox to stay where it needs to be and keep working on those clots.

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